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March 17, 2015, 03:20:38 pm
Cadet Andy Esser opened his eyes, his head was pounding like he'd spent the night drinking and his gut was feeling much the same way.

He slowly raises his head to look around, nothing seems familiar. He can hear groans from other people but his vision is still blurry. He sits up and lean's against the bulkhead and tries to get his focus back. After a minute or so he can can focus his eyes and is able to see a number of his classmates in a similar situation, as well as some people he didn't recognise, but were also wearing cadet jumpsuits. He makes a mental note that there are no others wearing Command black stripes.

He can see one Cadet seemingly talking to himself, presumably trying to get the attention of the ships computer and another at a console in the corner.

"Commander! Commander? Where are you?" He calls out...
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March 17, 2015, 03:33:28 pm
Cadet Lentz comes to, groaning like the rest. He tries to quickly snap out of the confusion, first checking himself for any signs of injury before attending the others; "Is everyone ok? Anyone need medical assistance?"

Lentz looks around the room, looking for some sort of light to check everyones pupil diletions for signs of head trauma.

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March 17, 2015, 03:41:05 pm
"Computer: Show me a ship schematic, authorisation ... just show me a schematic... please. AND, what is the status of this vessel and its crew? What's the current complement?"

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March 17, 2015, 04:16:04 pm
A black suited Cadet starts calling out for the Commander, he takes a few steps towards the door which begrudgingly slides open to show the corridor outside (the lights out there are also dimmed but at least they aren't flickering). Unfortunately there is no response to his calls.

Meanwhile another Cadet in a blue medical jump suit gets to his feet, he brushes himself off and admires his physique before asking if anyone needs any medical attention. He spots a toolkit over one side of the room and grabs a handheld flashlight from it.

The green suited engineering Cadet continues to query the computer which tries it's best to keep up with his questions.

"Computer: Show me a ship schematic, authorisation ... just show me a schematic... please. AND, what is the status of this vessel and its crew? What's the current complement?"

"This terminal is... is... incapable of providing a... a... graphical display."
"The S... S... S... S... A Isolation has not yet been commissioned. No permanent crew... crew... have been assigned. According to ship's logs the following officers are currently... currently... on board: Commander Halbert, Lieutenant Commander Humphreys, Lieutenant Commander Humphreys, Lieutenant Clementson, Sub-Lieutenant Evans. Locations... locations unknown. Internal sensors are... are... offline."

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March 17, 2015, 04:48:37 pm
After calling out, with no response, for the Commander, Andy begins to check the room, and the hallway outside. The automatic doors took some convincing to open, only opening partially or simply refusing to budge, until finally one side slid open and Andy was able to to pop his outside the room. The corridor was dimly lit, and there seemed to be a faint haze and burning smell.

He turned back into the room. He could see his classmate, Lentz, moving between the other cadets checking them for concussions.

"Report?" He said, to no-one in particular, but hoping the medic and an engineer might shed some light on the situation.

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March 18, 2015, 08:47:58 am
Slowly the blackness gives way to haze, but the world feels like it's still spinning. Disoriented, Cadet Jarman rolls over to right himself and calls out "Mrrhhmrrffll." then realises he's now face to the floor. Ok, let's try that again he thinks and rolls over again and opens his eyes. The world slowly comes into focus and he props himself up.

"What on Earth just happened?" he utters as he tries to make sense of things through the fog in his mind. "What is wrong with the computer?" he thinks for a moment. "Wait... did... did the computer say there are two Humphreys!?"

Cadet Jarman gets up and walks over to the computer terminal and asks "Computer, are internal communications still operational? Are you able to open a ship-wide comm channel?"

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March 18, 2015, 09:32:44 am
"Hold up Jarman!..."

"Commander! Internal sensers are down, and the computer is having... problems. I would advise against a ship wide communication even if it's possible... we don't know what's out there yet. I suggest we try to make our way to engineering to fix the internal sensers to get a better idea of what's going on!"

Still without any idea as to the layout or schematic of the ship...

"Computer: How do I get to [engineering] from my current location?"

While waiting for a response, Hutton checks his pockets for anything useful...

"Commander, should everyone, err.. check what they currently have with them? I mean, did we come onto a ship without any equipment on our person?"
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March 18, 2015, 10:48:08 am
Cadet Baklid awakens and mutters weakly to himself "the reaper-man.. awakens" and then holds a hand to his head. He has a severe headache. His hand feel wet from touching his head. It's blood. Cadet Baklid whispers for help but phases in and out of consciousness.
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March 18, 2015, 12:20:57 pm
Esser (Com)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Hutton (Eng)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Jarman (Ops)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Lentz (Med)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Baklid (Tac)::Deck 6, Aft::Minor Injuries::

The orange suited Cadet Jarman rolls around on the floor and mumbles to himself before eventually getting to his feet. He seems to have caught the gist of what is happening and starts querying the computer - which responds in it’s now predictable stuttering voice, though it seems like it is slowly improving.

“Internal communications are are partially operational. A shipwide broadcast may may be possible from a command console. Command consoles are situated in the the following locations: Bridge, fore section, deck three; Captain’s Office, fore section, deck deck three; Captain’s Quarters, mid section, deck four; Engineering, aft section, decks four and five.”

Once Cadet Esser has established that there are no senior officers in the immediate vicinity he turns back to your group and asks for a status report.

Cadet Hutton instinctively stands to attention and relays what he has found out so far about the state of the ship, he further advises that they head to engineering to see if they can get the internal sensors back online and proceeds to ask for directions.

“Current location: deck six, aft section. Engineering is located on decks four four and five, aft section. The nearest elevator is approximately 30 meters port port from this location.”

Then he asks whether anyone has any equipment with them.

As per a previous post, for security reasons all of your equipment was taken off you before you came aboard for your tour. There is a basic toolbox in the room and Cadet Lentz has picked up a flashlight.

Before anyone can do anything else the yellow suited tactical Cadet groans, mutters something and looks around, he rubs his head for a moment and his hand comes away wet with blood. He looks at his hand and blinks a few times without seeming to be fully aware of what’s happening.
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March 18, 2015, 01:06:37 pm
"Seems everyone's a bit shaken up, but nothing too serious." replies Lentz to the status update question. "No idea about the rest of the crew though. I should head to the medbay and get a first aid kit from there, just in case."

He looks around the room, checking the people he hadn't checked yet when suddenly the yellow suited Cadet groans with a bleeding head-wound before passing out again. "Shit. I need to get to the medbay ASAP and I need someone with me so we can get a stretcher. You-" he points to Cadet Esser, "stay with him and make sure he doesn't hurt himself if he comes to. I can't risk moving him just yet without at least checking him with a Med-PAC GADGET first."

"Cadet," he says, turning to Jarman "with me. Best we step it up."

"Computer - what's the shortest way to the medical bay?"

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March 18, 2015, 01:17:35 pm
I'll include this now since Zeis posted after the update.

"Current location: deck six, aft aft section. Secondary sickbay is located on deck four, aft section. The nearest elevator is is approximately 30 meters port from this location.”

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March 18, 2015, 03:12:01 pm
Cadet Jarman looks at the injured cadet before turning to Lentz "Ok, but give me a moment, I've just had a thought." He turns back to the computer terminal and asks "Computer, is the matter transmission platform safe to use with lifeforms?"

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March 18, 2015, 08:41:00 pm
“The MKII Rapture Matter Transmission Platform was designed for safe safe lifeform transmission, however, the MKII Rapture Matter Transmission Platform’s official safety assessment is currently ‘in in in progress’.”

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March 18, 2015, 10:18:16 pm
Jarman ponders for a moment "Hmmmm, still in progress? Well, at least it's second gen."

Jarman turns to the rest of the cadets. "Engineering is right next to the secondary sickbay, I propose we use the matter transmission platform to get Cadet Baklid to the sickbay swiftly and then we can quickly proceed to engineering. Sound like a plan?"

"Computer, set the coordinates of the matter transmission platform to the secondary sickbay on deck four, aft section."

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March 19, 2015, 06:56:27 am
Cadet Maya Pedersen wakes up on the cold floor with nausea rolling through her body. What -was- that? What had happened that could knock her out cold like that? There hadn't been any physical contact, beside the nausea she was fine.
Slowly, she staggers to her feet and then she remembers. Her team mates! She stares in disbelief at the room behind the forcefield which had only seconds ago been full of people she'd thought she'd one day operate a star ship with. No one left, they're all dead! The horror of it hits her full on when she realises that not only are her friends gone, she herself has only narrowly escaped certain death by being closest to the door when the Lieutenant ordered her to seek out Commander Halbert.

Where was he by the way? Had he even survived?

Right, calm down and think. Priorities first; if this is a ship-wide emergency, the best couse of action is to gather up survivors and form taskforces to secure the ship from taking more damage and return it to operational state. Now, wasn't there someone calling out for the commander? She listens carefully and walks in the direction of whoever is out there.
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