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March 17, 2015, 11:50:36 am
Boys and girls! Hear ye, hear ye! There has been a new discovery in the land of Kings!

Community servers!

Me and several of my guild mates from Reign of Kings have started an Aussie hosted server. (You can't complain about ping!)

The server runs 1000x better than the official servers and is more controlled as to who and how you can play. (No trolls or exploiting asses, and more RP)

If you have ROK or are interested, here are some of the server guilds so far:

The land is named: The Fucking Realm of the Fucking Knights

The Kings Guard is called: The Fucking Kings Guard.

There will also be a bandit guild, mercenary guild, builders guild and several more, depending on how many pubs and friends we can get on the server.

RP is not forced and you do not have to join any guild. KOSing however is not a good idea as you will get REKT.

If you want more info hit me up on steam:
~Inverabacon Sandwich!~