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January 17, 2012, 02:10:41 pm
Hi all,

We've been looking at the feedback from Mechadroids and one feature that has been requested the most is the addition of 'Zero Player Activities'.  What this means is a task/activity/job that you can set that will run even though you're not playing Mechadroids.  An example of this would be going out gambling to gain a few more credits while you're waiting for your heat to cool down.

Since this is a community requested feature we'd like to hear some ideas for activities.  We'd like them to be written up in a way that fully explains the activity and benefit of doing it.  As an example please use a format similar to below.

Activity Name: Gambling
Time to Finish: 24 hours (full 50 heat worth)
Cost: <level> * 10 credits
Description: Gamble to gain more credits.  Gains credits worth a percentage of your level.
Example: You gamble the night away amongst your fans at the Mech-a-rama casino.  You're on fire and manage to win 500 credits!
Advantage Brought to Mechadroids: No chance to lose money - only gain.  This helps offset problems when a human player is stuck and cannot beat other Mechadroids.  It allows them to get enough credits to buy the next weapon or shield.

Lets see what ideas we can make up that will fit nicely into the world of Mechadroids.
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January 17, 2012, 02:18:14 pm
"Rock'em Sock'em tournaments at the local bar"

It costs 150 credits for a ticket to enter the tournament.

Three prizes can be won at the tournament:
a bag of wind (you lost, no prize)
A teddy bear (small prize) = 1 ticket,
Free beer for the night (medium prize) = 2 tickets,
or 3000 credits (big prize).

If you win the teddy bear, you automatically give it away to a beautiful girl who then gives you a ticket to enter the tournament again right away, giving you the chance to either win the big prize, or nothing at all.

If you win the free beer for the night, you give some beer at the bar whom in exchange gives you 2 tickets. You automatically enter the tournament 2 times in a row, with the chance of either winning a teddy bear or the big prize of 3000 credits.
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