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April 21, 2010, 10:18:00 pm
Alright...I have some pretty large ideas here, and I'll get them out in as much detail as I can.


I'm taking this in a much more 3rd person, explore the world kind of way, rather than something like Uplink. You know...a fully explorable RPG.

You have to get upgrades somehow! This is more for the lone hacker but can also be useful in a lot of ways.

A) Meet other hackers
B) Get caught by law enforcement/corporations(will explain later)
C) Get on the inside of a corporation, to get passwords/better tech, etc.
D) Money

Therefore, if you have a job, you can have a place, etc. Get a better netbook, amongst a whole host of other things. 

In terms of can also be the government. Along with that you may not be able to get a job there right away because you don't have the necessary requirements yet.


The map is very important. It shows you where to go, but it can also show you all net activity that can be shown, which can then be filtered down. One of those filters could be just show signals that are highly protected, etc.
It also shows(through the signal) the user information. Now this is where some items come in.

I'm thinking something along the lines of like
IP Scrambler
IP Mask
IP Erase
IP Take
Signal Scrambler
Remote Signal Transmitter

Each one of these would raise a certain amount of awareness by law enforcement. The IP Erase is useful in large amounts of traffic because no one will be able to see a signal without an IP. And it goes on, each one having its limitations and benefits(such as range of use, like the IP Take can only be used in a short range of the person, but now any blame will go on them). Stuff like that. (The Remote Signal Transmitter allows for a signal to be said coming from some other location, so that you buy yourself more time to hack into a system and not be caught)


Webpages would basically be anything, from buying parts to having an archive filled with how to tutorials and/or viruses. Watch out, some of these can be tricks to either track your information, steal your information, or just a blatant attempt to catch you in the act. Ergo, if you hack the webpage you can find out where it came from originally and any other nasty programming that might be in there.


This includes purchase history etc. Any hacker can attempt to garner this information to help get into the system or the persons stuff. Now, you can just take away their money and get more attention, or you can look at their habits, etc. and siphon off small amount, or whatever amount depending on what you deem to be the best course.
Also can help to frame other people, along with securing a new identity in case the one you're currently using is in jeopardy.

Government\Law Enforcement

Big Brother might be watching you. I envision a federal agency on your tail that might come after you. This is only if you become well known as a cyber terrorist. Also, they have the ABSOLUTE BEST in terms of protection for their systems and tools to help hack into places. Government jobs would be REALLY REALLY HARD TO GET because of all this being available.
Also for smaller time people, a detective would be on the case rather than regular police officers. They can still bust you and send you to jail/prison.
Players could potentially work for these agencies to help bring down other hackers, if they get into that position.


The exact numbers would have to work out, but basically jail time would only be served for minor stuff. Money helps here because you can hire lawyers, etc. to reduce your time. However, jail is a neat place to pick up information(like say someone wrote down a site on a wall, it could lead you to some pretty nifty gifts), as well as building components to add to your arsenal.
Prison would be the upgraded version. It would also help you boost stats, so that you can build the best of a system in terms of craftsmanship out of parts, so it helps give you a boost. All in all these are places to either just serve your time out and turn over a new leaf OR enhance your hacking abilities.

Now like any system, a prison/jail can be hacked. Players can co-ordinate a jailbreak in order to get a hacker out. Prisoners can also hack into the system to get maps, open doors, etc. in order to escape. Prison staff would do their best to prevent this.


Corporations are the second best in terms of available resources. They have sharp minds and cutting edge technologies at their disposal. Getting them down would be tough. But there would be two ways to do this...and all of them require hacking.
The first way would be to get together a large group of hackers and hack into the system, to then take the corporation completely down, or if they are stealthy enough, get in and out without anybody realizing. Taking them out can be done in several ways. The first example is just a forward rush, where you just put up a relentless assault against a company(sort of like Hackers but in a much better fashion) with all your viruses and tools aiming for destruction. Or you can do a sort of flanking maneuver. Have a small group of remotes/hackers start up an attack at one point, and whilst the defenses are busy focusing on that group, have the main force slip in and take what is needed OR take them down.
The second example is to hack into small systems, getting in some information to get the police/feds involved and have the government take them down.


The players can play any number of ways, as a hacker.

1. They can just be a freelance lone wolf
2. Be a lone wolf not for hire
3. Join a team of hackers
4. Work for the government
5. Be a federal investigator
6. Be a detective
7. Undercover Agent
8. A hacker who doesn't like the government/corporations but wants to stop the "bad" hackers. These guys can form groups and while aren't looked highly upon are never really stopped.

The undercover agent would pose as a hacker, and could completely destroy group hacks, etc.

So yeah...I sort of imagined that things would be very free roaming, with you having a character to control. Overall, the thing that I'm envisioning is a place filled with quite a bit of paranoia and yeah a LOT of stuff to consider hehe.
But yeah that's sort of what I'm seeing for this/would like to see but it's up to you guys hehe

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April 22, 2010, 12:13:32 am
Thanks for the well thought out post SubArtic.  Some great ideas in there and we'll definitely be discussing some of them :).


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April 24, 2010, 08:46:18 pm
Whoa, that's a pretty epic post there SubArtic, cheers for the suggestions!

Myself and CWolf have already talked about a lot of the concepts you have raised here, some we've already planned, some extending onto what we already have and others we haven't but may be willing to implemented, etc.

I will say one thing though, the RPG/explorable world, while being a great idea, kind of goes against the scope we've set out for this game, I'm afraid.  What we are planning is infact something that does resemble Uplink to some extent (with a lot more things to do, making good use of the multiplayer aspect).

That being said, there are some truly great ideas here :) we'll have to work out what we want to incorporate.  I don't think any of them would get into the alpha though :)

Thanks again!