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Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by dracuella on March 27, 2015, 06:25:27 am »
Not getting an answer from anyone, Cadet Pedersen decides it's time to go see if there's anything she can help Cadet Hutton with. Also, he's alone in Engineering, he might need assistance. She exits the door, walks down the corridor and pauses in front of the entrance to Engineering. As she enters, she thinks, "here's to hoping the techies have made some progress with internal sensors.. and perhaps external as well".
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by dracuella on March 25, 2015, 08:26:37 am »
"How is he doing, doc?" Pedersen asks Cadet Lentz who is furiously tapping away at his GADGET. "Is there anything you need? The medicin cabinet over there seems well-stocked with anything you might require."

A blue glow behind her indicates another transport and she turns and sees Jarman appearing. She waves lightly, returning his greeting and walks over to him. "Welcome to the other side, it seems we all made it. Cadet Hutton is down the corridor in Engineering," she gestures in the direction of the door "if you need to talk to him. I was thinking of going there myself to see if he needed a hand with anything. Being Security I feel a bit out of my depth regarding internal sensors and RMTPs but I can bring and fetch."

She looks over at the Command Cadet, "Esser, how were things when you got here? Anything out of the ordinary? I can't believe the dock crew hasn't come on board yet, they must have noticed everyone's out of contact." She pauses, seemingly considering something. "Esser, you didn't happen to find a comm-PAC when you found that GADGET, did you? If we have one of those, we could try to contact the outside" Without waiting for an answer, she starts rummaging through the cupboards and cabinets in the room.
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Pringle on March 24, 2015, 12:41:52 pm »
Esser (Com)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Scalpel
Hutton (Eng)::Deck 4, Aft(?)::Unknown::Unknown
Lentz (Med)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight, GADGET (Medi)
Pedersen (Sec)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife
Baklid (Tac)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Injured::
Jarman (Ops)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::

Cadet Pedersen has freed a stretcher from beneath a biobed and has it propped up next to her. She is waiting for Lentz to respond but it seems he’s suffering from some kind of shock, presumably in reaction to being broken apart atom by atom and then reassembled. He blinks a few times and takes the Medi-GADGET from Esser without a word, finally it looks like he’s about to speak when there is another bright blue glow and the injured Cadet Baklid materialises on the floor of the sickbay.

It seems like Lentz is on autopilot, he grits his teeth in frustration but quickly switches on the GADGET, crouches next to Baklid and starts performing scans; he seems to just be concluding and gets to his feet as yet another blue glow preempts the arrival of Cadet Jarman who raises a hand in greeting.
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Titan on March 22, 2015, 09:49:31 pm »
There was shimmering blue light which Andy saw in his periphery, two cadets materialised; the medic, and another cadet that Andy didn't know.

The unknown cadet walked up to Andy, "Pardon me, are you Cadet Hutton?" She pauses for a moment, "Oh, sorry, Esser, I was looking for Hutton, do you know where he is?" She continues.

"He went that way to check out Engineering, that was about 10 minutes ago, you guys took longer than 5 minutes to get here" Andy responded, motioning towards the door.

"Cadet, I've found you a GADGET and a med kit, here" Andy tosses it over. Andy didn't know this cadet, he didn't share any classes at the Academy, but Andy had already seen he has a short temper and that worried him, he can't control people who are irrational.
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by dracuella on March 22, 2015, 07:47:45 pm »
Pedersen looks around the room, then walks over to a cadet holding a GADGET, "Pardon me, are you Cadet Hutton?" She notices his nametag. "Oh, sorry, Esser, I was looking for Hutton, do you know where he is? Jarman wants him to get working on the internal sensors asap. Cadet Baklid is in bad shape so we need to get the Doc back to him with a Medi-PAC and a stretcher."

She heads towards one of the biobeds and opens the lower compartment and starts pulling out a stretcher. "Hey Lentz, I found  the stretcher, come give me a hand."
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Inveracity on March 22, 2015, 06:59:14 am »
"To govern the day and the night, and to separate darkness from the light." - Hwoarang 18:1

Cadet Baklid is unconscious.
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Pringle on March 21, 2015, 07:30:07 pm »
Esser (Com)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Scalpel, GADGET (Medi)
Hutton (Eng)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown
Lentz (Med)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Pedersen (Sec)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife
Baklid (Tac)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown
Jarman (Ops)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown

Cadet Jarman reluctantly concedes to the medical professional’s expertise. He waits for Pedersen to get onto the platform and then activates the matter transmitter - hopefully sending them to the secondary sickbay.


Pedersen, Lentz, you are surrounded by a bright blue glow and a whining noise. As it finally dies down your vision clears you find yourself stood in what is clearly the sickbay. The lights are dimmed but sufficient to see by - there are a number of biobeds, an active computer console, a cupboard at one side of the room has been opened and shows a selection of medical tools and several pre-packed first aid kits. Cadet Esser is stood near a desk and holding what appears to be a GADGET.
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Pringle on March 21, 2015, 07:08:46 pm »
As someone, somewhere may or may not have come across a GADGET I’m going to explain what they are.

Short version:
PAC = Expansion Dongle

Long version:

GADGET Adaptable Dynamic General Electronic Tools have become standard pretty ubiquitous in the current day. As standard they provide the following functionality:
  • All the normal PDA/tablet style functions of note taking, calendars, address books, camera, etc.
  • Short range communications. As standard a GADGET can allow communication to another GADGET within a range of a few hundred meters - the range is highly dependent on surroundings (i.e. a fairly long range stood out in the open, much shorter going through walls and bulkheads); a GADGET can also be ‘linked’ to an available communications system (i.e. you could link it to the ship’s comm system to allow a much longer range).
  • Basic scanner. As standard a GADGET can function as a very basic, short range scanner. It can provide very basic information on materials, energy signatures, etc.

Of course there are many situations where more specialist functionality is required and this is where PACs (Portable Adapter Chips) come into play. These can be slotted into any GADGET and provide custom hardware and software for bespoke applications. A standard GADGET can have one PACs installed.

There are literally hundreds of different types of PACs but some of the more common ones include:
  • Medi-PAC : Provides an enhanced biological and medical scanner capable of identifying various diseases, illnesses, etc. This is the sort of thing that would be used by a medical professional.
  • Tech-PAC : Provides an enhanced technical scanner capable of providing diagnostic information for mechanical and electronic devices. This is the sort of thing that would be used by an engineer.
  • Comm-PAC : Provides a much longer range transceiver which is capable of communicating over a greater distance; these PACs also often incorporate encryption or translation functionality.
  • Conn-PAC : Provides a short range wireless link that essentially allows a GADGET to act as a remote control for a paired console, aboard a ship this could allow a user to pair to an engineering console and then access it from elsewhere on the ship.
  • Hub-PAC : Essentially this is a splitter that allows multiple PACs to be installed on a GADGET, it’s possible that certain combinations of PAC may work together in some sort of synergistic way (a Medi-PAC and a Tech-PAC combined would be ideal for treating cyborgs :D).
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by Jargon on March 21, 2015, 06:46:29 pm »
"No no. I need to be the last person to transport otherwise people will get left behind." Jarman explains. "Pedersen you should be the one to go with Lentz. When you get through get Cadet Hutton to prioritise getting internal sensors online as soon as possible since engineering is just next door. That'll allow me to lock on to your coordinates and bring you back from here, stretcher and all."
Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« Last post by dracuella on March 21, 2015, 12:19:46 pm »
"Goodness, someone didn't score very high on the stress handling test, did they? Fine, go on, I'll stay and watch over Baklied. I'm armed after all." Cadet Pedersen pulls out the Stanley knife and plays around with it in an intricate pattern of moves. "Just get your arses back here asap. I won't rest easy until I find out what's going on". She crouches down next to Cadet Baklid, checking his pulse, which is beating calmly and steadily.
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