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Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:57:32 am »
After making sure that Baklid was coming around, Esser headed for the door and made his way to engineering.

It's easy enough to find, the double doors slide open and you are confronted by the sight of Cadet Jarman looking at a GADGET and Pedersen, knife in hand, moving over to look at the main engineering screen which has a progress bar filling up on it.

More concerning, however, are the blood splatters on the floor and wall near the terminal and the severed human arm laying in a pool of blood - it still has the tattered sleeve of a green engineering jump suit on it. There's also a small pool of vomit just off to one side.

Pedersen - you're not an expert but fortunately the screen is pretty unambiguous and you can see.
   Main Power Core Initiation Sequence: 0%[|||-------------------------------------]100%
There's no actual time on the screen but the progress bar is moving very slowly.

Jarman - it looks like this is just a vanilla GADGET, there is no PAC plugged in but it looks like the poor Cadet downloaded some data before whatever happened.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: April 10, 2015, 07:19:00 pm »
Esser (Com)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Scalpel, GADGET (Medi)
Hutton (Eng)::Deck 4, Aft(?)::Unknown::Unknown
Lentz (Med)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Baklid (Tac)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Injured::

After a few moments of confusion Cadet Jarman blinks a few times, ignores the others in the room and stumbles out the door - it slides shut behind him with a quiet "woosh".

Esser is bemused by the whole thing but when he doesn't get an answer from the medical cadet he takes a step closer. Though he's physically fine it seems that events have caught up to Lentz and he simply hands over the GADGET before sitting himself down on a bio-bed.

He may not be a fully trained medic, but his command training included enough medical knowledge to get a good grasp of the scan results and Esser quickly realised that, although it has mostly congealed, it would be wise to clean and bandage the wound on Baklid's head before using a stimulant to rouse him. To be on the safe side he probably shouldn't be left alone either.

(None of his injuries are life threatening, bandages and a stim-jetjector (hypospray) are readily available from any of the first aid kits in the room).

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 24, 2015, 12:41:52 pm »
Esser (Com)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Scalpel
Hutton (Eng)::Deck 4, Aft(?)::Unknown::Unknown
Lentz (Med)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight, GADGET (Medi)
Pedersen (Sec)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife
Baklid (Tac)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Injured::
Jarman (Ops)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::

Cadet Pedersen has freed a stretcher from beneath a biobed and has it propped up next to her. She is waiting for Lentz to respond but it seems he’s suffering from some kind of shock, presumably in reaction to being broken apart atom by atom and then reassembled. He blinks a few times and takes the Medi-GADGET from Esser without a word, finally it looks like he’s about to speak when there is another bright blue glow and the injured Cadet Baklid materialises on the floor of the sickbay.

It seems like Lentz is on autopilot, he grits his teeth in frustration but quickly switches on the GADGET, crouches next to Baklid and starts performing scans; he seems to just be concluding and gets to his feet as yet another blue glow preempts the arrival of Cadet Jarman who raises a hand in greeting.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 21, 2015, 07:30:07 pm »
Esser (Com)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Scalpel, GADGET (Medi)
Hutton (Eng)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown
Lentz (Med)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Pedersen (Sec)::Secondary Sickbay, Deck 4, Aft::Healthy::Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife
Baklid (Tac)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown
Jarman (Ops)::Unknown::Unknown::Unknown

Cadet Jarman reluctantly concedes to the medical professional’s expertise. He waits for Pedersen to get onto the platform and then activates the matter transmitter - hopefully sending them to the secondary sickbay.


Pedersen, Lentz, you are surrounded by a bright blue glow and a whining noise. As it finally dies down your vision clears you find yourself stood in what is clearly the sickbay. The lights are dimmed but sufficient to see by - there are a number of biobeds, an active computer console, a cupboard at one side of the room has been opened and shows a selection of medical tools and several pre-packed first aid kits. Cadet Esser is stood near a desk and holding what appears to be a GADGET.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 21, 2015, 07:08:46 pm »
As someone, somewhere may or may not have come across a GADGET I’m going to explain what they are.

Short version:
PAC = Expansion Dongle

Long version:

GADGET Adaptable Dynamic General Electronic Tools have become standard pretty ubiquitous in the current day. As standard they provide the following functionality:
  • All the normal PDA/tablet style functions of note taking, calendars, address books, camera, etc.
  • Short range communications. As standard a GADGET can allow communication to another GADGET within a range of a few hundred meters - the range is highly dependent on surroundings (i.e. a fairly long range stood out in the open, much shorter going through walls and bulkheads); a GADGET can also be ‘linked’ to an available communications system (i.e. you could link it to the ship’s comm system to allow a much longer range).
  • Basic scanner. As standard a GADGET can function as a very basic, short range scanner. It can provide very basic information on materials, energy signatures, etc.

Of course there are many situations where more specialist functionality is required and this is where PACs (Portable Adapter Chips) come into play. These can be slotted into any GADGET and provide custom hardware and software for bespoke applications. A standard GADGET can have one PACs installed.

There are literally hundreds of different types of PACs but some of the more common ones include:
  • Medi-PAC : Provides an enhanced biological and medical scanner capable of identifying various diseases, illnesses, etc. This is the sort of thing that would be used by a medical professional.
  • Tech-PAC : Provides an enhanced technical scanner capable of providing diagnostic information for mechanical and electronic devices. This is the sort of thing that would be used by an engineer.
  • Comm-PAC : Provides a much longer range transceiver which is capable of communicating over a greater distance; these PACs also often incorporate encryption or translation functionality.
  • Conn-PAC : Provides a short range wireless link that essentially allows a GADGET to act as a remote control for a paired console, aboard a ship this could allow a user to pair to an engineering console and then access it from elsewhere on the ship.
  • Hub-PAC : Essentially this is a splitter that allows multiple PACs to be installed on a GADGET, it’s possible that certain combinations of PAC may work together in some sort of synergistic way (a Medi-PAC and a Tech-PAC combined would be ideal for treating cyborgs :D).

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 20, 2015, 01:00:36 pm »
Jarman (Ops)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Lentz (Med)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Baklid (Tac)::Deck 6, Aft::Injured::
Pedersen (Sec)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::Screwdriver, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife

You've lost track of time but you're fairly sure it's been more than five minutes now. Assuming Esser and Hutton safely rematerialised they should have made sure the area is clear and be awaiting your arrival.

Cadet Baklid's blood is mostly congealed in his matted hair and the bleeding seems to have stopped.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:13:44 am »
It's been said before but since Drac specifically mentioned tools, there is a tool box in the the room which contains the kind of things you'd expect - hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

Busy last night so I'll update at lunch if people want to continue posting conversational stuff.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:32:20 pm »
Esser (Com)::Unknown::Unknown::
Hutton (Eng)::Unknown::Unknown::
Jarman (Ops)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Lentz (Med)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Baklid (Tac)::Deck 6, Aft::Minor Injuries::
Pedersen (Sec)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::

After assessing the platform, Cadet Jarman moves over to the terminal to calculate the direction and range for the transport.

Cadet’s Esser and Hutton both move to stand on the platform and Esser turns to Jarman “Energise!”. The two blur and fade away in a shimmering blue light.

Unfortunately with internal sensors and communications offline you have no way of knowing if the other two Cadets reached their destination. You’re just going to have to wait five minutes and then try another matter transmission.

However, barely a minute after they’ve gone, the doors to the matter transmission room are forced open from the other side. As the doors get just about wide enough another Cadet -this one wearing a red jumpsuit with the name Pedersen embroidered on it- squirms through the gap and into the room with you.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:36:05 am »
Not a full update, just injecting some information.

The Matter Transmission platform looks like it could reasonably fit 2 people, you could possibly manage 3 at a time if you get cosy. It is operated manually (though an individual can put a 10 second time delay in to transport themselves); Jarman has been trained to use the MKI and the MKII looks virtually identical.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:41:00 pm »
“The MKII Rapture Matter Transmission Platform was designed for safe safe lifeform transmission, however, the MKII Rapture Matter Transmission Platform’s official safety assessment is currently ‘in in in progress’.”

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 18, 2015, 01:17:35 pm »
I'll include this now since Zeis posted after the update.

"Current location: deck six, aft aft section. Secondary sickbay is located on deck four, aft section. The nearest elevator is is approximately 30 meters port from this location.”

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:20:57 pm »
Esser (Com)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Hutton (Eng)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Jarman (Ops)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::
Lentz (Med)::Deck 6, Aft::Healthy::Flashlight
Baklid (Tac)::Deck 6, Aft::Minor Injuries::

The orange suited Cadet Jarman rolls around on the floor and mumbles to himself before eventually getting to his feet. He seems to have caught the gist of what is happening and starts querying the computer - which responds in it’s now predictable stuttering voice, though it seems like it is slowly improving.

“Internal communications are are partially operational. A shipwide broadcast may may be possible from a command console. Command consoles are situated in the the following locations: Bridge, fore section, deck three; Captain’s Office, fore section, deck deck three; Captain’s Quarters, mid section, deck four; Engineering, aft section, decks four and five.”

Once Cadet Esser has established that there are no senior officers in the immediate vicinity he turns back to your group and asks for a status report.

Cadet Hutton instinctively stands to attention and relays what he has found out so far about the state of the ship, he further advises that they head to engineering to see if they can get the internal sensors back online and proceeds to ask for directions.

“Current location: deck six, aft section. Engineering is located on decks four four and five, aft section. The nearest elevator is approximately 30 meters port port from this location.”

Then he asks whether anyone has any equipment with them.

As per a previous post, for security reasons all of your equipment was taken off you before you came aboard for your tour. There is a basic toolbox in the room and Cadet Lentz has picked up a flashlight.

Before anyone can do anything else the yellow suited tactical Cadet groans, mutters something and looks around, he rubs his head for a moment and his hand comes away wet with blood. He looks at his hand and blinks a few times without seeming to be fully aware of what’s happening.

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:16:04 pm »
A black suited Cadet starts calling out for the Commander, he takes a few steps towards the door which begrudgingly slides open to show the corridor outside (the lights out there are also dimmed but at least they aren't flickering). Unfortunately there is no response to his calls.

Meanwhile another Cadet in a blue medical jump suit gets to his feet, he brushes himself off and admires his physique before asking if anyone needs any medical attention. He spots a toolkit over one side of the room and grabs a handheld flashlight from it.

The green suited engineering Cadet continues to query the computer which tries it's best to keep up with his questions.

"Computer: Show me a ship schematic, authorisation ... just show me a schematic... please. AND, what is the status of this vessel and its crew? What's the current complement?"

"This terminal is... is... incapable of providing a... a... graphical display."
"The S... S... S... S... A Isolation has not yet been commissioned. No permanent crew... crew... have been assigned. According to ship's logs the following officers are currently... currently... on board: Commander Halbert, Lieutenant Commander Humphreys, Lieutenant Commander Humphreys, Lieutenant Clementson, Sub-Lieutenant Evans. Locations... locations unknown. Internal sensors are... are... offline."

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 17, 2015, 03:16:25 pm »
The engineer, Hutton, approaches the computer terminal on the wall and asks his question, it takes a moment before a jittery synthesised female voice responds.

"No... No... No... senior officer has been... been... been... assigned as Cap... Cap... Captain of the S... S... S... S... S... S... A Isolation."

Game Zone / Re: Isolation
« on: March 17, 2015, 03:09:44 pm »
All of you are wearing standard jumpsuits in appropriate colours for your speciality. Although you recognise the device the Commander was using as a GADGET (GADGET Adaptable Dynamic General Electronic Tool) you don't have one on you; since the Isolation is still largely classified all electronic devices were taken off you.

However, since you are looking there is a fairly standard looking toolbox in the room (looks like work has been going on here recently) and there is a computer terminal against one wall.

  • Command
  • Tactical
  • Operations
  • Security
  • Engineering
  • Medical

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