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April 20, 2015, 11:19:39 am
As Andy walked into Engineering he noticed a number of things  of concern. Most notably what appeared to be a severed arm surrounded by blood. Cadet Pedersen had come running up to him and given him an update whilst waving the screwdriver around in her hand.

"Mind lowering the Screwdriver please, Cadet" Andy said, giving her a stern look.

"I've left them in Sickbay, neither are in a position to be moved at the moment. Give it a few minutes and we'll go grab them. We don't know if there is an actual threat, or if this is just a horrible accident. All we know is that arm belonged to an Engineer. Whether it was Hutton or not, we need to figure out."

"Maya? Is it? Head back to sickbay, check on the others and bring back the GADGET so we can do a DNA analysis on the arm. In the meantime, I'm going to have a look around Engineering, see if we can find the body that arm belongs to, I doubt with that much blood loss they're still alive"

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April 20, 2015, 01:30:26 pm
Pedersen slowly lowers her arm with the screwdriver and pockets it next to the Stanley knife. "Don't mind if I do", she replies, glaring slightly at Cadet high-and-mighty-in-command. No, she thinks, that's not fair, he's just doing his job, not everyone aspiring to command is like those snobby bastards back at the academy.

Cadet Esser was right, she had jumped to the conclusion that the arm belonged to Hutton.. even if was what made most sense, since he'd just left for Engineering mere minutes before they found the limb.

But his tone, goodness! Manners maketh man! Until he'd proven his worth and capabilities, she'd have none of that, thank you very much. "Very well, Esser, I will PLEASE head back to sickbay and check on the others and yes, I will PLEASE bring back the Medi-PAC GADGET to examine the limb"

She heads for the door, carefully avoiding the soggy puddle of vomit poor Jarman created a while earlier. As she exits, she calls back to Esser. "And the name is Pedersen. At least for now".
Have I ever given you the impression I was turned off by crazy?

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April 20, 2015, 01:41:03 pm
"And the name is Pedersen. At least for now" The cadet called as the doors closed behind her.

What did I do? Andy thought to himself. I guess he'll just have to treat this crew softly softly from now on. Although in times of crisis it's important to have discipline and authority. Otherwise we'll all turn into a bunch of hysterical freaked out animals running around without a thought.

Andy turned towards the interior of Engineering, spying Jargon who was busy trying to regain himself.

"James? What are your thoughts?"